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Family Lawyers Parramatta – Family Law

In todays society, almost everyone has a friend or relative who has been or is going through a separation. Unfortunately, this leads very often to misconceptions about rights and entitlements: What you need is to have knowledge and experience working for you, both to give you the right advice, and then to work with you to achieve an acceptable outcome.

At Barwick Boitano, you will be helped by our Family Law Experts, who will use their knowledge and experience to help you through difficult times.

They can put their knowledge and many years of experience as a Family Lawyers to work for you.


The term includes a range of issues relating to relationships, parenting issues and financial matters. The major areas are:

Our goal is to get you an acceptable result without having to go to court. Parties can reach an agreement themselves, and just ask us to formalize the arrangements. Mediation using the help of a trained mediator can be an effective way of reaching an agreement, and since the Family Law Courts usually require parties to try mediation before using the courts, it makes sense to try mediation sooner rather than later. Barwick Boitano can help arrange mediation, prepare you for it and then formalise any agreement you have reached.

Family lawyers spend much of their time negotiating to achieve outcomes, and we are skilled in this. We pride ourselves on our ability to settle matters, but if all else fails, court becomes the only option. Whether it is negotiating or litigating, we will be there for you, using our expertise and experience to obtain the best result for you.

Having a Family Law Expert working for you and with you makes sense.

Even if a court has to be used, most matters are resolved before they get to a final hearing – our efforts to settle don’t stop just because you are in the court system. If you are unlucky enough to need a court decision, we will dedicate our skills and experience to getting the right result for you.

We offer you accessible help. You can see us at our conveniently situated offices at North Parramatta, and you can ring us on 02 9630 0444

If you come to us for help, you will be talking to a lawyer to whom you are not just a file number, but also a real person, used to helping someone going through a difficult and stressful episode in their life.

We will give you expert advice, and not just tell you what you want to hear.

And we don’t talk legal jargon; we are lawyers you can understand!

If you would like to find out more about the help we can give you, just ring us on:

(02)9630 0444 or email us on