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Child Custody

Making a decision about the way forwards for you and your partner is a difficult decision, however if there are children involved the stress can go to a completely different level!

Agreeing on a plan that suits everyone is often hard to achieve.

At BBLawyers we are sensitive to these issues and have many years of experience in helping parents to resolve their disputes and the needs of the children involved!

Where and who the children should live with, is often the biggest issue facing parents who divorce or separate. If you and your partner can’t agree which of your children should live with, or how often each of you should see the children, or how the family unit can co-exist, then either parent may apply to the court for a decision.

A specialist Family Lawyer who deals in Child Custody cases can achieve a quick and non-biased outcome, that will have the best interests of your children in mind.

At BBLawyers, our Family Lawyers are experienced in all areas of Child Custody. If you have a problem concerning your children as a result of a separation or divorce and need to get issues resolved, call us today for a confidential appointment on (02) 9630 0444