We know, and understand that by the time you have approached us, you are looking for some answers and resolve to a matter that is of concern to you.

Each client has a vision and goal of what they want to achieve. Getting to know our clients on an individual basis helps us to ascertain both their objectives and desires. This means that we can offer the best possible advice and assistance that will ensure a successful outcome.


When others say it can’t be done or it’s not worth fighting over, we dare to differ.

We have had clients come to see us, who were turned away by other lawyers, that said their case was not worth fighting.

One such case, was that of a woman who cut her finger whilst on her second day at a new job. After approaching a few lawyers, she was told that she did not have any hope of a successful win.

She decided to try one more time and that’s when she came to see us. We advised her that she definitely had a case worth fighting. We acted on her behalf and achieved a successful result for her, where she was awarded $13,000 by way of a commutation.

At Barwick Boitano Lawyers, you are not just another client, but an individual that deserves respect, attention and a sympathetic ear.

We don’t expect our clients to understand the intricacies of the law, and that’s why we take our time to explain in detail what they are entitled to and how we are going to handle their case.

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