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Stefania Boitano

About Stefania Boitano

Senior Associate

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Stefania has been working in the legal profession since 2009 and has been passionate about the law and protecting people’s rights from a young age.

Having helped many clients from all different walks of life, Stefania ensures her advice is practical and easy to understand and appreciates her clients come to her at a very stressful time in their lives with a need for guidance and support through each step of the process.

Over the years, working for Barwick Boitano Lawyers, Stefania has conducted cases across a variety of different areas of law including: personal injury, workers compensation, work injury damages, motor vehicle accidents, and public liability claims. She has also successfully represented clients in superannuation insurance claims and disputes including Total and Permanent Disability (“TPD”) and Income Protection and assists her clients with wills, will disputes, estate planning, probate, powers of attorney and enduring guardianships, commercial disputes, general litigation, criminal law and traffic offences.

Although many disputes can be resolved without having to go to court, Stefania is no stranger to a fight and is a competitor in martial arts and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. She also enjoys playing soccer both competitively and casually with friends.

She prides herself on her great results in court, on the field and in the ring and has the determination needed in making sure her clients get the best results possible.

Stefania is also proficient in the Italian language and Sicilian dialect.

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