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Executor’s Responsibilities


Have you been appointed an Executor in someone’s Will and need advice on what to do next?
The role of Executor is a complex and demanding job, which requires expert advice and legal knowledge of the duties and responsibilities attached to the role.

If you have been appointed the executor by a parent, friend or relative, then let our Team help you relieve the burden of the responsibility of administering your loved one’s estate and help you each step of the way.

We can offer you professional advice on your responsibilities as executor by dealing with all the complex legal requirements and formalities which include proving the Will and obtaining Probate to enable you to carry out the last wishes of your loved one and resolving any Will disputes.



Your duty as an Executor is to uphold the last wishes of the deceased according to their Will.

We have on our Team of experts an experienced member who was formerly with NSW Trustee and has more than 28 years’ experience in defending claims and challenges to Wills. If you have been appointed the Executor of a Will or the Administrator of a deceased Estate against which a Family Provision Claim or a Challenge to the Testamentary Capacity of the deceased has been made, then we also have the expertise and knowledge to guide you in defending the will and upholding the last wishes of the deceased.



Sometimes when a person dies, their assets may be lost or transferred to people other than the named beneficiaries. We will take immediate legal action to identify and preserve the assets. We will then apply measures to stop any wrongful transfer of assets and bring them back into the Estate.

In will disputes and estate litigation matters, both the assets of the estate and the deceased person’s wishes are at stake. The Estate Litigation Experts of our office have the knowledge and experience needed to resolve disputes promptly and effectively. While we will not hesitate to pursue litigation when necessary, we also know when it is appropriate to simply act as a legal guide and provide professional assistance.

Whether disputing a will or seeking to preserve assets, our goal is always to achieve the best possible outcome.