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Traffic Offences

Are you facing traffic offences?

Traffic Offence Lawyers Parramatta & Sydney

Barwick Boitano Traffic Offence Defence Lawyers, expert advice from an experienced Traffic Lawyer.    

Barwick Boitano is specialists in Traffic offences, Speed Cameras, Demerit Points.    

Road Safety is becoming increasingly important. The Government and the RTA have been running various advertising campaigns to impress upon drivers and motorists in NSW, not to drink and drive, and not use mobile phones whilst driving.  

The penalties for driving offences are becoming severe thats why you should hire a Sydney traffic lawyers.

In particular, you can be gaoled now for dangerous driving. Your licence can be suspended and in some cases, there is no option other than to send someone to gaol if the driving has caused death or serious injury.  

In some case, imprisonment for up to 10 years.  

Drivers can often come before the Courts being charged with driving whilst their licence is suspended or cancelled. The RTA and the State Debt Recovery Office chase motorists and drivers for unpaid fines and impose licence suspensions for non-payment.  

Sometimes people are unaware that their licence has been suspended particularly if they have changed address. There are often good defences to charges such as these.  

A well prepared case and representation therein is essential if you want to or perhaps have it dismissed altogether.  

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Barwick Boitano Lawyers also offer a variety of advice in relation to criminal and civil matters.  

We provide expert advice at reasonable rates and can quickly identify the legal issues that you are facing.    

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